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Cell tower companies are always in search of suitable lands to construct the cell towers to boost their communication infrastructure. When they spot a suitable land, they enter into negotiation with the property owner and have an agreement to lease the land or purchase it. Not all lands that are at highest points are suitable for this undertaking. There are various factors considered when selecting a search ring and they might include population density, topography of the land and various restrictions in the area. Suppose your property is within the search area, then there are further considerations that the cell tower company must look into before deciding to invest lots of money on the project. Here are some of the things that they tend to look into. 


Size of the land - A suitable land for cell tower construction should be vacant; meaning that there should not be any form of activity on it. Adequate space is critical for this undertaking because the need to add subtenants to site might arise in the future. At least your land should have 1000 square feet. In rare circumstances, the cell tower company might accept a land below 1000 square feet because it has plans to accommodate other tenants in the future. 


Construction expenses - Cell tower company will prefer to select a land that would be less expensive to construct on and thus, they will ignore that which seems to attract lots of costs. The placement of cell tower is a costly activity and thus, the company will try to find out ways to minimize the costs. Construction costs can be adversely affected if the land is far from a public road, the land is in a flood zone and various ecological conditions. Find out more here:


Site accessibility - After the cell tower construction at a particular site, the cell tower company might want to do routine checks and maintenance of the tower. Therefore, the site should be close to a road so that there is no difficulty in reaching the site. Even before construction of the cell tower, closeness of the site to a main road is important to avoid the need of constructing a road to the site which is not a priority of the company. For more information:


Topography - Many people think that having a property at the highest point of the region puts them in a good position for placement of cell towers. It would not be viable to construct the cell tower at an elevated place outside the search ring and the construction expenses are high. If a suitable site is at the lowest altitude, the company would continue with the cell tower construction but compensate for the height by increasing the height of the tower.