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Do you have a land that you think might be suitable for cell tower construction but you do not understand the criterion used by cell tower companies to select ideal sites for their towers? When they spot a suitable land, they enter into negotiation with the property owner and have an agreement to lease the land or purchase it. Now, you could be wondering what makes a land suitable for a cell tower construction. There are various factors considered when selecting a search ring and they might include population density, topography of the land and various restrictions in the area. If your land is in the search ring, then it has passed the first step and it now proceeds to further evaluation for suitability of the land to the company's requirements. Below is a discussion of some factors to consider before site selection of cell tower construction site. 


Size of the land - A suitable land for cell tower construction should be vacant; meaning that there should not be any form of activity on it. Apart from that, the size of the land is vital as the tower covers a considerable space. An area of land of approximately 1000 square feet would be adequate for the undertaking. In exceptional circumstances, the cell tower company might need only 500 square feet of land and this would mean that you have large area of land to use for other activities. Keep reading get a cell tower on my land.

Construction expenses - Cell tower company will prefer to select a land that would be less expensive to construct on and thus, they will ignore that which seems to attract lots of costs. Every business tries to minimize costs of operation and cell tower companies are no exception to this. Construction expenses might be affected by accessibility of the land, property being situated in a flood area, dense tree coverage and other environmental factors. 


Site accessibility - After the cell tower construction at a particular site, the cell tower company might want to do routine checks and maintenance of the tower. Accessibility to the site plays a significant role in this case and it would be preferable if the site is located close to a public road. It might call for construction of a road to access the site and that would be an additional expense that the cell tower company would want to avoid. Check out -


Site elevation - The highest point on the site might seem to be the best site for cell tower placement but other factors must be considered. It would mean nothing to have land at the highest point yet it is not within the search ring. Further the cell tower company can make up for elevation by increasing the height of the tower appropriately.